About Us

Expand access to fresh produce for citizens of Macon who live in food deserts while providing knowledge on healthy living.

Our Mission

We want to provide food to those who struggle to obtain it through our small garden at Centenary Community Ministries while sharing our knowledge with you to help bring fresh produce to your table in new ways or donating your homegrown vegetables to a neighbor.

Our History

This project was initially started by two Mercer University School of Medicine graduates in 2018. They were able to donate pounds of fresh vegetables to local charities who were able to distribute them to needy individuals within Macon that otherwise would not have been able to receive them. The project is currently operated by Nikki Catt, Scott Clanton, Mital Patel, and Marshall Williams. We are also partnered with the Rural Health and Innovation Center at Mercer University. Visit their website at https://www.georgiaruralhealth.org/

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